UNI T UT202A LCD Digital Multimeter Auto Handheld Clamp Meter Volt AC DC600 AMPS

thermometer outdoor&indoor, 220v chainsaw

Wholesale Checker V

0.3~1 +/-(1%+2). 200/2k/20k/200k/2m/20m ohm+/- (1.2%+2). Ms1000b. 200ω/2kω/20kω/200kω/2mω/20mω. Meter panel. Temp tester. Rogowski flex coil (diameter: 8mm)400/4k/40k/400/4m/40m. Diodes circuit. Ac: 600v (1.5%+5)dc:600v (1%+3). Ohm tester meter. 40-400mohm. 210 * 75.6 * 30mm. Aluminium. 200ω, 20kω, 2mω ± 1.0%. Structure    : Dc current 40a/400a+/-(2.0% +6). Frequency (clamp head ) :10hz~1khz. 0.0ma~6.00a. 

Mastech Capacitance

Wholesale phase meter sequence. Multimetre mastech. Gamecom 780. 0-30c. Frequency. +/-2%rdg+/-3dgt. Automot. 28 * 22 * 6cm. Ammeter clamp dc. Clamp meters. Ut200d. 0.24 ohm 2w9v(6f22). 400/4k/40k/400k/4m/40mohm. Measurement diameter. 50/60hz  automatically. Turbidity. Testers earth. 

Rs232 Electronic

200mv/20v/200v/1000v. Clamp. Meter resistance. 1170g. Display electric bike. 125mm*185mm*270mm. Centric cm3321. Uni-t 1000a clamp meters. Look electric. Wholesale meter cycle. 200ohm ~20mohm. Abs shell, electronic parts. 

W 200 C

Ep ac1621. 20a/200a/400a. Automatic identification of voltage, cur: Ms2109a. Type-3: Vc6016c. Temperature(f):Looper true. Ac true rms: Low maintenance car. 30khz. Fluke ac dc clamp meter. 0~440v. 600/6k/60k/600k/6mohm. Oscilloscope probe 60mhz. 

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