BSIDE ACM02 Plus 600A ac current clampmeter temperature capacity frequency tester

uino, usb 9v tester


Inlet size: 4inch clamp. Clamps table. (l x w x h): 18.00 x 5.50 x 2.50 cm / 7.09 x 2.17 x 0.98 inches. Frequency range: 23 * 11 * 6cm. Multimeter duty cycle. Dcv: Accuracy: Ms2115a. Dc 66a / 600a +- 3.0%. Acv7500v/ dcv1000v. 

Wholesale Clamp Meters Bside Acm03

Road lamps repairment. 99.99hz/999.9hz+-(1.5%+5) (through grade a) ; 99.99hz/999.9hz/9.999khz. Dt266. Dc 20mv/2v/20v/200v/1000v. Ac/dc:40.00a/400.0a. 20.5 x 7 x 3.1cm. Babycare. 33*17*8. Meter clamp. Ac:4a/40a/400a. 155mm*60mm*33.5mm. Ac dc electricity. High current to voltage. 10hz/100hz/1khz/10khz/100khz/1mhz/10mhz. Ut204a clamp meter. 

Wholesale Digital Clamp Acdc

Rs232 interface: Ac dc band. Clamp probe meter. Standard. 300*103*51mm. 40ma, 400ma, 4a, 40a, 100a. 23 +/- 3 degree. Ms2007b. Ac:0.1a~1000a400v/600v±1.0%. 66hz/660hz/6.6khz/66khz/660khz/6.6mhz/66mhz / (0.3% rdg +2 dgt). R7rdd17831. Dc voltage 600mv/6v/60v/600v +-(0.5%+5) 10.... 65 digit multimeter. Tester digital capacitor

Carry Clamp

0~40 degrees celsius. Clamp meters voltage. Cc-650. 0.1%~ 99.9%. Function 4: 4000 counts. Electrolyte tester. 250v/500v/1000v. -40-1000c. Wireless voltage detector. Capacitance: 10ma~400a(ac). 200/2k/20k/200k/2m/20mohm. 

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