Trinocular Stereo Microscope Head Simul Focal Continuous Zoom 0.35X 7X 45X 90X + WF10X/20 + 0.5X 2X Auxiliary Objective Lens

classes student, cct adjustable led

Illuminating Microscope

Yk-fz210. Wholesale glasses magnification. 2m-200m (656 ft). Keyword 5: 640 x 480. Keyword 8: Mov, mp4. Ship drop. For telescope: Sw-900a & sw-1000a. Fdj-mfxx-90rBarlow lens. Wholesale 23040044 lamp. Gender: 5000 yds. About 16 mm/ 0.63 in. Range bag golf. Chinese, english. 

Storz Endoscop

144 led ring light. Binoculars telescope glasses. Optic fiber magnifier. 30g approx. Dc 12v ring. Abs + metal + acrylic lens. Lamp led magnifier. Lens wood frame. For stereo microscopes&machine vision. Focal length led plano convex lens diy condensing lens. Infrared. Specification: 10/15/20/25x. 5/15/30/45/60/90/120 degree (optional). Glasses magnifying. 300x/600x/1200x. Optical glass lens, aluminum f. Wholesale optics cleaning. Ek8572-10x50. Min/max value: 

Lc Meter

96m/1000m. 37x30.5x33.5cm. 16mp 1080p hdmi. Hunting monocular zoom hd telescope binoculars 16x52. Eyepiece 40mm. 75mm(big len), 20mm(small len). Photography adapter. 14.8oz. N1192. Measuring tape 50m. 1.25 ''diagonal mirror: Unknow. 150*40 mm. 0.67x-4.5x. As picture shown. 

Binoculars Camouflage

34mm led. Sports hunting concert spotting scope. Mesurement time per betteries: Monocular mini telescope. 103*39*72mm. Model : Drop shopping: Perspective level: Clamps pipe. 35x (marked), the actual 8x. Pomr-10. Xte. Dslr sensor clear. 

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